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Self Storage Hertfordshire

Hoddesdon Self Storage guarantees the best Self  Storage Hertfordshire facilities for domestic and commercial purposes. We provide tailor-made, friendly, affordable and customised solutions to your self-storage needs. Our Self Storage Hertford facilities continue to operate round the clock where you may come at any time to avail our services. Also, we are always open and ready to ensure storage spaces for your items, whether it belongs to your house or office. We make sure that whether you are utilising self-storage for decluttering, craft, extra space storage or items belonging to your person, it remains safe, secure and insured. Moreover, there is a range of units of different sizes available with us, from just 20 up to more than 100 sq feet. All these tailor-made storage space facilities are tailor-made and offer a complete range of flexibility according to your needs.

Self Storage Hertfordshire

Self-storage for Business and Domestic Purposes:

Self-storage facilities have a close connection to businesses. There are many reasons because of which using self-storage facilities can be very helpful for businesses.

  1. Freeing up office space – Piling up files, furniture and such items in office building gives the feeling of congestion and irritation. It is essential to keep the office organised, shaped, and light.
  2. Saving the cost – Hiring a building at commercial areas for businesses purposes can be very costly. It is better not to go for extra space and instead utilise self-storage facility for storing objectives.
  3. Convenient – Self storage facilities are adjustable and flexible in accommodating items. They offer suitable solutions for storing pieces of trade equipment and tools.
  4. Serving as an affordable warehouse – Self -storage companies ensure that the self-storage space you rent correctly serve the purpose of an ideal warehouse. So, such facilities can function as a warehouse, and that too, with high affordability in many cases.
  5. Customizability – Self storage facilities are effectively customizable according to the space needs required for an item.
  6. Accessibility – Companies that provide Business Self Storage ensures that your files, documents and other such items remain accessible round the clock. You can lock and open up those rented spaces whenever you desire.

A Home is a Place to live in, not to Store in

It is familiar with our household members to keep storing materials in homes. There are many items from decluttering to furniture and clothes that are not necessary for the immediate time. So, you may store them wherever you find a place. This may also happen to essential files and documents. The natural result of this storing-and-piling up will be that you end up in your home with hardly enough place to live in and enjoy. Gradually, tidiness may give way to congestion and disorganisation.

Sometimes, we are even involved in the habit of dumping household materials, and we think we are storing them. It is so wrong. We must remember that our home is a place to live in, not to store in. So you should not let your home turn into a storehouse. If you want to preserve your household items and belongings, you must rent a space in a self-storage facility.

Climate-controlled self-storage in Hertfordshire

Here, it is crucial to keep in due regard to the climate variation in Hertfordshire. According to, the climate of Hertfordshire usually is warm and temperate. On average, the temperature and humidity experience significant seasonal differences. It may feel warmness in July, with an average temperature of 16.20C, but turns cold in January and February, when the temperature may go down to 3.7oC. The area undergoes considerable rainfall. Under these round-the-year variations, it very often becomes a necessity to avail climate-controlled self-storage for items sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. For this reason and many others, we ask you to hire storage Hertford for self-storage.

Why choose Hoddesdon Self Storage?

We are among the most reputable company in the area of providing self-storage facility. We reach this place because of our constant practice of building trust with our customers and ensuring delightful and satisfying interactions with them. If you are looking for the best storage facility, then Hoddesdon Self Storage is the place. Many factors make us no. 1 in the field; major ones are:

Complete security

Our self-storage facilities are completely safe and secure. The storage facilities are equipped with a modern digital surveillance system, including CCTV cameras facilities for ensuring full recording. We ceaselessly monitor storage spaces. Along with the availability of digital surveillance, we also ensure the maintenance of lighting at every place and corner. The active participation of a customer further enhances our security. For example, a person should use the best lock and must not hand over keys to anyone that may put stored items in harms’ way. Also, we make sure that our employees do not keep the keys of your lock. Keys will only be available with you. Only in certain conditions, though, you may entrust a manager with the key of your lock. But that will always be your choice.

Flexibility in space sizes

We have a range of units of variable sizes to meet your individual needs. We properly maintain a self-storage space size guide for our customers. Through this, we try to make sure that you get a better idea of the size you require for your item(s). If you can’t visit our self-storage facilities to hire the required space, you may call or visit online. Our teams are always ready and prepared to guide you through your requirements. You may be looking for Furniture Storage in Hertfordshire or storage for your antique car. We have perfect size customisation spaces based on your needs of items that may range from small furniture, and seasonal boxes to beds, couches, bike, and automobiles.

Absolute pest control

There is no doubt that pest tries their best to infest a storage facility. The reasons are obvious: storage facilities have items that serve as delicious foods for pests and rodents. There is hardly any person who may be willing to see his/her furniture, dresses, and boxes attacked by rodents and pests. We keep it as part of our sacred responsibility to completely control pest infestations in our storage facilities. We acquire the services of pest companies not to let pest enter in our facilities. The pest control measurements make it impossible for pests to find a way inside our storage spaces. If there is an item coming right from the kitchen, our teams make sure its proper cleanliness. Boxes are duly stored a little above from the grounds so that nothing resides beneath them. We even make sure that dust bins are correctly sealed and disposed of.

Availability of climate-controlled facilities

It is our responsibility not just to provide storage space to your needs but also take care of your items the way you do. We accept the responsibility we think your belongings deserve. Therefore we have specialised climate-controlled storage solutions for your items that are sensitive to temperature variations.

Our climate-controlled storage spaces keep temperature and humidity at an optimal level. The temperature variations are between 55o and 85o Fahrenheit. As for the humidity level, it ranges around 55%.

Ensuring Cleanliness

We are dedicated to ensuring proper cleanliness because we know that it is cleanliness that creates a feeling of acceptability, happiness and satisfaction. As said earlier, for us, self-storage is not just a storing space but a home, and therefore it is important we keep it clean. We believe maintaining a storage facility neat and clean is the way to affirm our customers that there is a life in progress here. There is always a properly-maintained inventory of items in our storage houses. During cleaning and maintaining stored items, we make sure that things are entirely organised.

Affordable Storage

We are committed to offering the best deals to our customers for self-storing. Our agreements are clear and transparent. We do not have any hidden costs, and we despise this practice. We believe in our customer’s trust. Our customer may rent space according to his/her need. You may only pay for that space, and there will be no extra charges. Moreover, we charge our customer only for the period he/she is using the storage facility. There is no cost after you stop using the facility.


The insurance policy offers a range of cover against losses from a bolt of lightning, explosion, fire, riots, strikes etc. We value your items and their safety and protection. Keeping this in mind, we assure you that your items are completely insured in our storage facilities. Also, insurance is very easy and quick for self-storage purposes. As it needs to be urgent, therefore, it is also very handy and speedy. It’s not just sentimental value of your items that we keep them close to our hearts but their financial worth too. Therefore, there is complete protection of your items against financial losses.