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Are You Looking For Indoor Storage Units

How often this is the case that we have a lot of valuables but not enough space to hold them. There are a lot of people who face this problem. So what is the best way to store all these things? The answer to this is relatively simple. You should look to book your personal Indoor Storage Units. These storage units can turn out to be very helpful as they will store your valuables as long as you want. These units can be most advantageous when you are renovating or decorating, travelling, moving or renting as these will hold your possessions.

At Hoddesdon self storage we offer our customers with units in various sizes and shapes. These units are designed in such a way that they can hold small things as well as the entire household contents. We look to accommodate every customer the best way possible as customer satisfaction at all costs is what we believe in. The best part of choosing us is that our prices are the best you can get in town. No matter how long you want to use our storage facility, we will give you the most affordable price.

We have an excellent track record to show our authenticity. You can have a look at our reviews on the website to get the idea. We even help you in transferring the possessions from your home to the storage facility although you will have to pay a little extra for transporting the goods. No matter how much belongings you are looking to store and for how long you are looking to save them. Hoddesdon storage Hertfordshire is the best company to choose from.

Benefits of Booking Our Indoor Storage Units:

indoor storage unitsStorage units can be handy for the people who are renovating or decorating, travelling or moving. These units will store their possessions for as long as they want. At Hoddesdon self storage, we offer the best indoor storage units. Some of the benefits that come with booking our storage units are mentioned below.

  • More room for storing
  • Extra safety from invasions
  • Cost-effective
  • Protection from dust or debris
  • Climate controlled

A Place For Storing:

One of the significant benefits of renting a storage unit is that you get a lot of room to store your goods. As we have discussed before that our storage facility comes in various sizes and shapes. Eventually, it enables you to have as much space as you want. A lot of people might need a place to store all the things that they want but don’t have enough resources to display them. This is where these facilities come into play. You can rent a unit from us depending on the size you require to store your valuables. By sifting some unwanted things to the indoor storage units, you can free up some space in your homes to display some essential items.

Extra safety from invasions:

Protecting your valuables from thieves and burglars is essential. We should take every necessary step to ensure the safety of our goods. At Hoddesdon Self Storage, we offer you one of the safest units in town. Protection of your valuables is critical to us, so we have taken all the necessary security measures to ensure it. Firstly, we have guards 24/7 who patrol the facility at all times. Secondly, we have installed security cameras all over the facility, which are functioning all day to keep a keen eye on the storage units. Lastly, if an invasion takes place, which is unlikely considering our record, a loud alarm will go off, and within seconds, the authorities will be informed of the incident.

We have made our facility one of the safest places in Hoddesdon with all these security measures. This way, the safety of your valuables will be guaranteed. So give a call at 01992 478862 today and let us take care of your possessions.


Another benefit that you can profit from when you rent an indoor storage unit is its cost-effectiveness. With so many possessions to worry about, you might be concerned about the cost of a storage unit. One of the features of renting a storage unit is the flexibility of the cost. The units at Hoddesdon Self storage include the same features. If you rent our group you will only have to pay for the room you need and as long as you need it. Unfortunately, if your job entitles you to move a lot and live in temporary accommodations. The cheaper option for you will be to store the items in a unit other than paying ever a time for transporting them.

Safety from dust or debris:

How often this is the case that our valuables get damaged because of the dirt or debris. This usually happens when you decide to store your unwanted items somewhere other than the storage units. On the other hand, the people who opt to store their items in a storage unit come on top. As they don’t have to worry about their items getting damaged due to dust or debris. Our storage units are specially designed in such a way that dirt or debris cannot get in the unit. The walls and ceilings are sealed to keep the dust and debris out. So that your possessions are safe and don’t get damaged.

Climate controlled:

Lastly, all of our storage units are climate controlled. They offer the best protection to your possessions from the harsh environment. For instance, sunlight or rain can damage the wooden furniture stored in the outdoor units. Our indoor storage units are designed in such a way that the things inside the unit are not disturbed by the climate. So that you get when you return to pick your items up, you find them in the best shape possible.